New to  Nutrishop! Phenadren is a great supplement for professional strength fat loss. 6-Phasethermo-stimulant fat loss supplement is created by EVOchem™ Nutrition. Make sure you get the results you want from a supplement that stimulates fat loss and try Phenadren. Phenadren Contains these powerful ingredients: Forskolin, cayenne extract, guggul lipids- Forskolin plays an important role in [...]

Lipocor | Maximum Strength

Katalyst takes weight loss to a whole new level with Lipocor Maximum Strength. Lipocor has been engineered to be a complete, all natural, stimulant free weight loss supplement. Lipocor contains the following ingredients to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle: CLA / EFA CLA's and EFA's are healthy fats that when consumed have [...]


Thermovex is the most Advanced Metabolic Formula , available at Nutrishop. Each serving of Thermovex contains 3 grams of CLA’s. CLA has been shown to provide the following Benefits : -Reduces Blood Pressure -Reduces Muscular Inflammation -Improve Cardiovascular Health In addition to CLA’s Thermovex contains ingredients designed to help you reduce water retention, appetite, and fat. [...]


Key Benefits Flatten the midsection & reduce the waistline† Assist in weight loss† Detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate your body's filtration system-liver, gallbaldder, colon & kidneys† Relief from temporary bloating† Improve immune function† Improve natural energy levels & feeling of well-being† DETOXIN™ is the strongest, most complete, all natural detox formula available. Detoxin is designed to detoxify, [...]

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  Lose up to 20lbs. and flatten your midsection... WITHOUT DIETING? Detoxify & Cleanse the Liver, Gallbladder & Colon† Increase Weight Loss & Flatten the Midsection† Improve Overall Health & Metabolism† Increase Energy & Feeling of Well-Being† All Natural Formula† DETOX-LGC™ is a complete, sophisticated, detox formula designed to detoxify and cleanse your liver and [...]

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Key Benefits Increase the Primary Fat Burning Hormone & Target Stubborn Body Fat† Increase Resting Metabolic Rate† Smooth, All-Day Energy† Enhance Mental Focus & Clarity† Increase Acute Sense of Well-Being† With Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ on the forefront of nutrition technology, several years ago we realized there was a void in the selection and effectiveness of weight loss supplements [...]

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Key Benefits Metabolize Fatty Acids from Adipose Tissue† Target Problem Areas† Maximize Calorie Burning† Eliminate Excess Water Retention & Bloating† Control Appetite† All Day Energy† With Katalyst Nutraceuticals being on the forefront of nutrition technology, we realized there was an unfulfilled void in the selection of weight loss products available on the market today. What you [...]

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Extreme Fat-Loss and Energetic Formula!* Increase Noradrenaline, A Key Fat-Burning Hormone* Increase Energy Levels & Control Appetite* Enhance Mental Focus, Clarity, Cognition, Feelings Of Euphoria & Mood* Cut Subcutaneous Water Retention* When all other attempts to substantially reduce total body fat and attain the physique you desire have failed, you need a scientifically superior, [...]

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Key Benefits Increase Fat Oxidation and Generate Superior Fat Utilization While Asleep† Support Relaxation and Improve Quality of Sleep† Support Healthy Sleep Patterns and Natural Biorhythms† Increase Daytime Energy† All Natural Formula† NEXT GENERATION Somnia-Metabolic Technology! With Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ on the forefront of nutrition technology, we realized a void existed. The selections available prior to this introduction [...]

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Thermogenix 2

Rapid Fat-Loss Technology!* Extreme Definition Formula* Target Stubborn Body Fat* Eliminate Excess Water Retention and Bloating* Boost Energy Levels* Let's be honest, we've all spent a lot of time and money trying to find that perfect "over the counter" fat-loss supplement that will actually work and give us the results we're all after. The [...]

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