Experience the most intense workout of your life!*
  • Explosive Gains in Strength, Size, Vascularity, & Full
    Muscle Pumps*
  • Enhance Training Intensity & Mental Focus*
  • Patented pH-correct Nitric-Oxide & Kre-Alkalyn® Technology*
  • 8-Hour Sustained-Release Delivery*

If you’re looking for the strongest, most intense Nitric Oxide/Kre-Alkalyn® based pre-workout formula available designed to give you crazy energy and promote massive gains in lean body mass, continue reading. Fuzion K-AKG3™ utilizes 2 patented processes that when combined produces an 8-Hour Sustained-Release Nitric Oxide Delivery as well as a 100% stable buffered Creatine system (Kre-Alkalyn®) that is noted to be 10 times the strength of regular Creatine with no side effects.

In addition, we’ve added Beta-Alanine. Although numerous studies show that taking Beta-Alanine is effective for boosting strength and power, newer research indicates that this nonessential amino acid also enhances muscle growth, and paired with Kre-Alkalyn® it is even more effective.*

There are many Nitric Oxide based, pre-workout supplements currently available, but there is only one Fuzion K-AKG3™. Many of these “other” products promise incredible results, but deliver little. And there’s certainly no shortage of self-serving marketing information competing for your attention. When it comes to delivering mind-blowing increases in strength, muscle mass, vascularity and full muscle pumps as well as enhanced training intensity and mental focus through pre-workout nitric oxide based supplementation, our message is simple and clear – There’s everyone else, and then there’s Fuzion K-AKG3.*

  • Nitro-K Fuzion™ – Unlike other “short lived” Nitric Oxide supplements currently available, Nitro-K Fuzion™ utilizes the only patented L-Arginine compound (AAKG) in conjunction with several other compounds to create a sustained release system which significantly elevates growth hormone, increases blood flow and stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) for 8 hours. These sustained levels of NO deliver mind-blowing muscle building benefits all day long including explosive increases in strength, muscle mass, continuous full muscle pumps and endurance. Nitro-K Fuzion™ also contains Kre-Alkalyn®, another anabolic patent that has been laboratory tested and shown to be 10 times the strength of regular creatine monohydrate with no side effects. Kre-Alkalyn® also buffers excessive lactic acid build up which equates to harder training sessions.
  • Neurostim Fuzion™ – Designed to promote maximum energy, performance and strength output, enhance training intensity, amplify mental focus in order to achieve the “mind-muscle connection” and offset fatigue.
  • R-Alpha Fuzion™ – This advanced cell volumizing delivery system acts as an insulin potentiating factor and is designed to shuttle nutrients and effectively transport the compounds found in Fuzion K-AKG3™ to hard working muscles. This allows for maximum uptake and absorption resulting in increased muscle volume, strength and vascularity.

For increased and accelerated results, combine Fuzion K-AKG3™ with Mass Fuzion™ and BCAA GT-AKG™!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using this product.