The Most Effective Glutamine Supplement Available!*
  • 200% More Effective Than L-Glutamine*
  • Enhance Muscle Recovery*
  • Increase Lean Muscle*
  • Reduce Muscle Wasting*

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. The benefits of this powerful amino acid are endless. The most significant reason individuals take Glutamine is to speed up muscle recovery and to help prevent the breakdown of lean muscle in your body which can occur on a daily basis. This makes it very important for not only the workout enthusiast, but the general population as well. The loss of hard earned lean muscle will happen to everyone everyday if you’re not careful. If you miss a meal, don’t get a good night’s sleep, over train, get sick, stress from work (sound familiar) or are involved in any other activity that could possibly cause physical or mental stress…watch out! However, you can combat this by supplementing with Glutamine. Think of Glutamine as the insurance policy for all the hard work you put into your body through exercise. This versatile amino acid is also an energy source for disease-fighting white blood cells.*

BUT BE CAREFUL…NOT ALL GLUTAMINE PRODUCTS ARE THE SAME! Be leery of glutamine blends that list the less advanced L-Glutamine as the first ingredient in their proprietary blend. The first ingredient listed is usually the most abundant ingredient. (Example: if your supplement says it contains 5g of a proprietary blend of Glutamines and the less advanced L-Glutamine is listed first, it may contain 4g of L-Glutamine and only 1g of all the others combined). L-Glutamine is the most soluble in liquid which is why some companies do this, however they may be sacrificing effectiveness for solubility and taste. Speaking of taste, be sure to check for sugar and carbohydrate content in your glutamine supplement. Both should total 0. Make sure your glutamine supplement lists Glutamine Peptide (a more stable form of glutamine) as the first ingredient of the glutamine blend.

The problem with regular L-Glutamine is that this free-form amino acid has very poor absorption! There is little evidence that supplementing a protein powder with L-Glutamine is beneficial. There is however much evidence that bonded amino acids, like the one’s found in GL6™ are efficiently absorbed and that their benefits are then realized when the proper dosages are consumed. Don’t confuse L-Glutamine, which is the amino acid in its “free-form state” or Glutamic acid which can be found in many protein powders, with a supplement like Vitasport’s GL6™. GL6™ is an advanced bonded, hydrolyzed Glutamine based supplement comprised of the most potent forms of Glutamine and immuno-recovery agents available. This maximum strength formula is designed to work synergistically to enhance muscle recovery, increase lean muscle and reduce muscle wasting. Vitasport’s GL6™ is the only product that utilizes GLU-PLEX™ consisting of Glutamine Peptide, Glutamine AKG and Glutamine Malate, in addition with Immuno-Recovery Complex™ which is shown to enhance Glutamine absorption and digestion up to 200% more effectively than regular free form L-Glutamine. Because GL6™ allows for better transportation and increased absorption of Glutamine into the bloodstream and muscle tissue where it is needed, your body’s natural growth hormone levels will rise, putting your body in a much better state for obtaining lean muscle and burning body fat. Stop wasting your money on inferior Glutamine products and get serious with Vitasport’s GL6™! When it comes to superior glutamine supplementation, GL6™ “out-muscles” the competition!*

Review the ingredients below and compare them to any other Glutamine product on the market and you’ll see why GL6™ is the most advanced form of Glutamine supplementation available.*

  • Glutamine Peptide – These are amino acids broken down into their smaller more digestible form using what is called the hydrolization process. Because of the high absorption rate of Glutamine Peptide, it has been said to be up to 10 times the strength of regular L-Glutamine.*
  • Glutamine AKG – A superior Glutamine compound that enhances the uptake and retention of Glutamine. AKG is actually a Glutamine precursor that promotes Glutamine sparing effects in muscle tissue, leading to more available Glutamine.*
  • Glutamine Malate – An advanced form of Glutamine which is bound to malic acid. This molecular bond enhances the bioavailability of Glutamine in the muscle cell leading to increased nitrogen retention and cell volumization.*
  • L-Taurine – This is the second most abundant amino acid (after Glutamine) in the body. L-Taurine has demonstrated an ability to improve hydration at the cellular level, ultimately assisting in exercise recovery.*
  • Beta 1, 3 Glucan – Helps speed up the recovery of damaged muscle tissue and provides nonspecific immuno-stimulation (enhances the immune system) that can increase the resistance to illness. The ability to recover from a workout is very similar in how the body recovers from an illness such as the common cold.*
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) – A direct precursor to Glutathione, one of the most powerful free radical scavengers present in every living cell in the body. Elevated blood levels of NAC during and following training will result in a decrease of free radicals in the blood which can enhance protein synthesis and muscle recovery as well as increase strength, lean muscle and fat metabolism.*

For increased and accelerated results, add GL6™ to your favorite protein powder!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using this product.