Key Benefits

  • Increase the Primary Fat Burning Hormone & Target Stubborn Body Fat†
  • Increase Resting Metabolic Rate†
  • Smooth, All-Day Energy†
  • Enhance Mental Focus & Clarity†
  • Increase Acute Sense of Well-Being†

With Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ on the forefront of nutrition technology, several years ago we realized there was a void in the selection and effectiveness of weight loss supplements available on the market today. What you currently had to choose from was an abundance of “like” weight loss products carrying different labels. For this reason Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ set out to fill this void and develop the most complete and effective fat loss system to date, ADICOR™. This innovation superseded any fat loss product or weight management system that most individuals had ever tried as this was no ordinary weight-loss supplement. ADICOR™ was engineered specifically to help metabolize fatty acids from adipose tissue, target problem areas, maximize calorie burning, eliminate excess water retention and bloating, control appetite and supply all-day energy. With its 8 unique proprietary blends, it was the strongest, most complete formula available, until now! With the extreme popularity and effectiveness of ADICOR™ came the demand from users for Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ to bring this category of dietary supplements to new heights. The answer is HYPERCOR™! HYPERCOR™ is the strongest, most complete thermophoric fat loss formula available, designed to burn body fat and help you lose weight through multiple pathways. HYPERCOR™ contains Hyper-Thermophoric Complex™ designed to maximize thermogenic activity, sustain energy levels, elevate mood, control appetite, optimize thyroid function and suppress cortisol to target those problem areas when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular exercise program.†

Multi-Phase Hyper-Thermophoric Technology™

Thermo-Lipolysis Blend™: Designed to produce a powerful metabolic effect by increasing norepinephrine induced lipolysis and assist in modulating one of the most widely recognized intercellular messenger systems in the body, adenyl cyclase, which converts directly to cAMP (cyclic AMP). cAMP enhances the action of epinephrine on glycogen stores in the liver and muscle cells and enhances the action of the enzyme lipase which breaks down fatty acids. It also encourages increased oxygen intake and availability. Increasing the available oxygen allows the body to break down more fats and carbohydrates for energy for weight loss.†

Neuro-Phoric Blend™: Designed to elicit fast-acting and longlasting positive effects on several key physiological elements, including energy levels, alertness, mood, mental performance, physical productivity, weight management, calorie burning, appetite control, thermogenesis, and feeling of well-being.†

Lipo-Adrenaline Blend™: Designed to provide energy, suppress appetite, increase the metabolic rate and release adrenaline and noradrenaline only in the beta-3 receptor sites (mostly adipose tissue). The stimulation of the beta-3 receptor sites elicits the breakdown of lipolysis (fat) and leads to the burning of more calories.†

Adrenal-Cortical Suppression Blend™: Daily stress such as work, deadlines, family demands, bills, relationships, lack of sleep and even exercise and dieting triggers a hormone in the body called cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels can increase appetite, decrease lean muscle tissue and increase the rate at which body fat is stored in those troubled areas, especially the accumulation of abdominal fat. Clearly we would like for our cortisol levels to be normal. This blend was designed to work with your body’s metabolism to help control cortisol levels.†

P57 Appetite Suppression Blend: Designed to suppress the appetite, increase energy levels, assist in weight loss and reduce cravings by promoting glycogen synthesis and reducing serotonin absorption. When glycogen is increased and stored, and serotonin absorption is reduced, the hypothalamus in the brain is signaled and the body is fooled into thinking enough food has been consumed.†

Bioavailability & Delivery Blend: A supplement’s effectiveness is only as effective as its bioavailability and ability to deliver the active ingredients efficiently. This blend is designed to do just that and contains a primary compound with a patented status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds.†

For maximum effectiveness, combine HYPERCOR™ with SOMNILEAN™ and DETOXIN.™
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.