N’FUZE™ is a powerful, next generation, lean muscle hypertrophic compound utilizing precise ratios of patented ingredients to increase muscle size, strength and vascularity. In addition, N’FUZE™ was designed to allow your muscles to work harder and longer for accelerated results! This is accomplished by dramatically increasing intramuscular carnosine concentrations while delivering the highest levels of creatine to trained muscle fibers.Lightning Bolt

Kre-Alkalyn:® The main problem with ALL existing Creatine supplements is their ability to deliver a concentrated amount of Creatine to the muscle. Research proves that these prior Creatine formulations actually have the human body ingesting creatinine (a toxic by-product of Creatine). Kre- Alkalyn® on the other hand is a pH buffered Creatine which ensures the highest level of Creatine availability delivered to muscles. Studies show that nearly 100% of Creatine from Kre-Alkalyn® is absorbed and none is converted to toxic impurities and never biodegrades to creatinine. This allows the highest level of absorption and utilization with levels up to 10 times that of other Creatine forms. Essentially, you need to take far less product, while saving your kidneys from excreting high levels of toxic creatinine. Increase strength and lean muscle mass with Kre-Alkalyn.®Lightning Bolt

Beta-Alanine: A non-essential amino acid and Carnosine boosting precursor shown to increase Carnosine concentrations within muscle tissue. Beta-Alanine efficacy is backed by major university, peer-reviewed studies performed on humans. A list of the benefits from beta-alanine, supported by peer-reviewed university research, published in reputable science journals include increased muscular strength and power output, muscle mass, anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delayed muscular fatigue which allows you to train harder and longer.Lightning Bolt

L-Taurine AKG: A more bioavailable form of the amino acid L-Taurine. In several metabolic conditions, some muscle biologists have determined that taurine, not glutamine, is the most voluminous amino acid represented in striated type 2 muscle fiber. L-Taurine has several critical functions and can act similarly to creatine in that it expands (volumizes) your cells by helping the muscle cell itself stay hydrated, increasing muscle cell volume. For a lifter or bodybuilder, this is significant because expanded muscle cells can boost hydration resulting in a higher rate of protein synthesis and bodybuilders will appreciate the increased appearance of muscle fullness. Additionally, another theory is that L-Taurine preferentially enhances interstitial contractile leverage and this may aid the lifter in handling heavier weights.Lightning Bolt

DL-6,8-Thioctic Acid: An effective, if not a primary, antioxidant. And while athletes have an increased need for antioxidants given the increased levels of free radicals that intense exercise produces, DL-6,8-Thioctic Acid is more coveted for its ability to enhance the positive effects of insulin—enabling the transport of nutrients, such as protein, glucose, amino acids and creatine into muscle cells. One of the trickiest elements of body-building nutrition is managing your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that when elevated, depending on the time of day and circumstances, can help you increase muscle mass.Lightning Bolt

L-Histidine HCl (Glyoxaline-5-alanine): A Carnosine boosting precursor shown to increase Carnosine concentrations within muscle tissue that works synergistically with Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine and Histidine are both taken up into the muscle where they are resynthesized back into Carnosine. There is sufficient data to believe that supplementation with Carnosine’s constituent amino acids Beta-Alanine and Histidine are effective in increasing muscle Carnosine concentrations. High levels of Carnosine are present in skeletal muscle tissue, primarily “fast-twitch” muscle fibers used in explosive movements like weight training but the amount will be limited by dietary intake. By supplementing and naturally increasing the amount of Carnosine within muscle tissue, the athlete may experience explosive results and high-intensity exercise performace.Lightning Bolt

4-Hydroxyisoleucine (Fenugreek Extract 4:1): Like DL-6,8- Thioctic Acid and working synergistically, this compound has ability to enhance the positive effects of insulin—enabling the transport of nutrients, such as protein, glucose, amino acids and creatine into muscle cells to assist in increased lean muscle mass. 4-Hydroxyisoleucine may also increase the receptivity of muscle cells to insulin, thus increasing nutrient storage in muscles while deterring storage to fat cells. Whether you are shooting for greater speed, strength or muscular development, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine can help.Lightning Bolt Vanadyl Sulfate: By mimicking the actions of insulin, the trace mineral vanadyl sulfate forces more proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates directly into muscles. Bodybuilders find vanadyl sulfate especially effective because of the strength, fullness, hardness, energy and vascularity it gives their muscles. Equally important, vanadyl sulfate supplementation also helps athletes to maintain the levels of this essential trace mineral necessary for quick muscle recovery after high intensity workouts.Lightning Bolt

D-Pinitol (3-0-Methyl-D-Chiro-Inositol): A cutting-edge compound that enhances nitric oxide production and insulin sensitivity which are key factors in nutrient transport. D-Pinitol has also been suggested to enhance intramuscular creatine deposition in human clinical studies.Lightning Bolt

Bioperine®: The only product sourced out of piperine to obtain a patented status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. It is the only source from piperine to have undergone clinical studies in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and efficacy for nutritional use.Lightning Bolt

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate): A trace mineral and absorbable form of chromium that is essential to the body’s production of insulin that has demonstrated significant anabolic effects on lean body mass via insulin metabolism. It is estimated that 90% of Americans consume less than the recommended amount of chromium each day. Also, the urinary excretion of chromium is known to increase in people who exercise, suggesting that active people and athletes may have higher dietary requirements for chromium. Some clinical studies show that chromium supplementation may encourage loss of excess body fat and increases in lean body mass in conjunction with diet and exercise.Lightning Bolt

For increased effectiveness, N’FUZE can be taken in conjunction with N’RAGEN’SANE. Read entire warning on bottle and consult your physician prior to use.